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Put “RED” to the test
Sobhi A. Takawi
Operations Executive Director
logo   Proactive and customized solutions Overseas was established in 2012 as business specialized in providing catering and hotel services to work-sites across the world, particularly those located off the beaten track.


 We have been Registered in United Nation  UN as an Official Vendor.

Those who work far from home, often in difficult locations and extreme climates, want everything around them to be as comfortable and well organized as possible. RED Catering Overseas works every day to make this desire a reality through simple but effective and intelligent solutions. . Today, thanks to its comprehensive services, expertise and fast turnaround times, RED Catering is regarded as one of the most reliable and competitive businesses on the market. Every day we focus our efforts on:

•    Running our business to the highest ethical standards

•    Supporting and developing all of our colleagues

•    Ensuring the health and well being of our customers

•    Reducing our impact on the world in which we live

•    Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we live and work




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