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Safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our people and our customers is not only a legal and a moral responsibility - it’s essential to the success of our business. Equally important is minimising the impact of our operations on the local communities in which we work. Our aim is to set industry-leading standards on health, safety, food safety and the environment and make these a point of key competitive advantage in our markets.

Food Safety

As the best foodservice organisation in Sudan , Red Catering provides high quality catering and support services at over than a location . We have food safety management systems in place that are not only legally compliant, but ensure compliance with industry best practice.

Health and Safety

food and health
Health and safety is always our number one operational priority. Our motto is “Safety First in Everything We Do” and we’re committed to delivering our health and safety strategy through continuous improvement.
We’re constantly looking for opportunities to provide safer working conditions and processes. Excellent health and safety performance depends on our colleagues ‘living’ the values of our Safety First behavioural approach. This makes our systems work and promotes a strong safety culture.

Environmental Management

ecs environmental management
All companies have a moral and legal obligation to understand and manage their environmental responsibilities. At RED Catering everyone plays a role in identifying, understanding and managing the environmental aspects of our operations and the products and services we provide.

Crisis Management

In any industry, unforeseen events can occur which may impact a company and their ability to operate. It isn’t possible to plan for every eventuality but we have central systems in place to handle problems efficiently.

Vendor Assurance

We’re committed to maintaining high levels of safety and ensuring the quality of products and services throughout our supply chain. Our comprehensive vendor assurance programme demonstrates due diligence for suppliers of food, non-food and contractors. Our procurement activity reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.


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